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Film Reel


Frame Grabs

These are images from projects I've was Director of Photography for.



These are images from projects I've colored using DaVinci Resolve.

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Bio / Contact

Alejandro Ramos

Los Angeles, California

     My names Alejandro Ramos and I'm a Director of Photography. I started filming back when I was just a little kid. I loved capturing anything and everything and as the years flew by, I found myself in San Diego finishing film school. Today, I'm based out of Los Angeles, CA and I still love filming just as if it was the first day I've started.

      I've been filming for years now ranging from a feature film, short films and commercials. My current and previous projects has helped me prepare for a lot of the gigs and projects I've done.

      I try to create every project like I'm making it for myself and that's why I love turning visions into reality.

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